I only see three items on the screen what am I supposed to do?
The program required the use of speakers or headphones to operate.

I don't have external speakers but I have a sound card can I still access your website?
Yes, just plug your headphones into the line out plug on your sound card.

I click on one of your links and I only get a white box where an icon should be. What should I do?
First check your browser setting to make sure that refresh is set for each page visit. If you are using an AOL dial-up reduce the AOL custom browser and open up Internet Explorer or Netscape navigator instead.

The screens take a long time to load. What's wrong?
If you are using a dial-up account it might take up to 2 minutes to download an exercise.

I just finished an exercise and the animation keeps on playing over and over. What's wrong?
Most likely your connection has been broken. If you are using a dial-up connection check to see if you are still connected to the internet. If you are using a broadband connection refresh your browser.

How do I monitor how well my child is doing?
This can be accomplished by purchasing a full subscription to the create-a-reader software

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